How long does it actually take to earn a five-figure month on Etsy? [case study!]

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You've got some crazy-ambitious revenue goals and you're willing to do the work.

But what work are you actually supposed to do!?!

It's a question I get asked A LOT. 

In fact, most creative-type Etsy sellers are absolutely KILLER at creating beautiful product. 

But when it comes to actually marketing it?

They don't have a clue where to start. 

Sure, they've hopped on Google and typed in "how to get found on Etsy" and found approximately 1 bajillion outdated and extremely vague tips and tricks about SEO, but as for an actual marketing plan?


In fact, my student Molly was the EXACT same way-- she had an amazing business idea (you can check her out HERE!) and more creativity in her little finger than I have in my whole body (true story!), but when it came to selling?

She had absolutely NO idea where to start (probably similar to you!).

Molly enrolled in Mastermind Your Marketing in May 2017 (when it first launched-- I can't believe it's been over a year!) and opened her Etsy shop just a couple months later. 

Here's a screenshot of a post she shared in September 2017-- just 2 months after she opened her Etsy shop following the Mastermind Your Marketing curriculum:

molly testimonial.png

But you may be thinking "Sure, Morgan-- but that was MONTHS ago. Is she still selling that much?"

I'd better let Molly take it over from here ;) 

Are success stories an everyday occurence inside Mastermind Your Marketing?

Why yes, yes they are :)

content_testimonials_-_final_email-41 (1).png

Are these students "special snowflakes" with unique situations (although I do happen to think each of these students is pretty dang awesome!)?


Do they have a 100% unique product that no other Etsy shop sells?


Do they rely on "free" strategies on the internet to get where they wanted to be revenue-wise?


Each of these case studies enrolled in Mastermind Your Marketing, did the work (important!), and saw the results. 

It's seriously that simple. 

And guess what? They come from selling a variety of products-- baby accessories, photography props, jewelry, and wedding stationary. There's honestly no "one size fits all" niche for successfully marketing your shop on Etsy-- ANYONE can be successful. 

You just need to have a profitable marketing system in place. 

...a system that makes you *cha-chings* in your sleep so that you can spend more time working ON your shop instead of in it

...a system that completely takes the guesswork out when you'll make your next sale (you're in control, yo!).

...a system that actually makes marketing--dare I say it-- FUN (gasp!). And seriously easy to implement (just follow the step-by-step workbooks inside MYM, plug in YOUR shop details and get to work!)

Oh, and did I mention that once you've got it set up, it's just rinse-and-repeat from here on out? 


Spoiler alert: There is no "secret trick" to selling on Etsy.

Every successful Etsy shop out there will tell you that it takes WORK to make $$$ happen.

But can you imagine if someone held your hand and walked you through exactly what "work" that needed to be?

Consider me your personal mentor-- I'm going to show you EXACTLY what to do in the EXACT order you need to do it.

(+ bonus tech videos walking you through it because, you know, #techchallenged is a real thing)

Ready for the course that will change EVERYTHING for you about selling on Etsy?

I’ll see you on the inside :)


Optimize your pinterest profile - a step-by-step guide for Etsy sellers


Tired of hearing everyone tell you to "get on Pinterest"? I hear you! It's one of those really lame-o pieces of advice that people offer that-- while good in theory-- don't actually tell you anything. Like, okay, I'll "get on Pinterest," and now what?!?!?!?!

I'm here to help you figure out that "now what?!?!?!" bit ;)

You can't just hop onto Pinterest, pin a few recipes you like, some DIY craft products, and a biz article you want to read and then cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Well, you could, but you'll be hearing *crickets* instead of *cha-chings* (although, lack of sales = time to try out that recipe you just pinned. Silver lining to everything, folks ;)

But let's get real- Pinterest is ah-mazing for driving FLOODS of traffic to your Etsy shop, but you need to know how to use it right. As in-- probably not the way you're using it now ;) Pinterst strategy has an entire module about itself in Mastermind Your Marketing, so be sure to join the VIP wait list HERE :)

For now, I want to walk you through the FIRST step of optimizing your Pinterest marketing strategy-- which is optimizing your profile for CONVERSIONS.

Because here's the thing: You can have TENS OF THOUSANDS of followers, but if they're just following you for the recipes or craft tutorials you pin, they're probably *not* your target market (unless, of course, you sell cooking items or DIY craft kits. Then by all means, consider this my blessing to continue doing what you're doing :)

But for the grand majority of us, the followers we started out with personally on Pinterest? Not our target market.

So how do you actually *attract* the types of people interested in buying your stuff? Well, it all starts with a little somethin' somethin' called Pinterest profile optimization, which I'm going to walk you through right now. Basically, I want you to leave this blog post with a clear-cut idea of EXACTLY what you need to do to start attracting the RIGHT people to your Etsy shop via Pinterest :)

So let's get started!

Step 0: Create a business account.

Guys. This is so, so important. If you are using your personal Pinterest account for business, I want you to STOP—right now—and convert it into a business account stat.

Why a business account? Well, there are a dozen reasons, but access to analytics and promoted pins are at the top of my list ;) You’ll also get access to RICH PINS, which are pins that contain additional information (the bold text) about the pin itself (see examples below)

Rich pin example

Optimized Rich Pin


Non-Rich Pin (boo.)

As an added perk, Rich Pins also have a higher ranking in the Pinterest Smart Feed algorithm (we go into all the factors of that algorithm inside Mastermind Your Marketing), so it's an automatic way to boost your pin score-- pretty much a no brainer ;)

How do you enable rich pins?

  • They're automatically enabled for any pins coming directly from your Etsy shop, so you don't need to do anything to enable them on that end. Cheers to that!

  • If you are pinning from your website/blog (which I highly, highly recommend you have as an e-commerce seller), you’ll need to enable them. Follow the instructions HERE (which explain the process far better than I ever could!) to make sure they're set up and ready to go.

Alright, now that you're all optimized for business, let's get the rest of your profile in tip-top shape!


Step 1: Your profile picture.

Alright guys—it needs to be said: Your logo is NOT a profile picture. Unless you’re a huge name-brand like Nike or Apple, I want to see your face as your profile picture.

I know you may not be comfortable in front of the camera, but guess what? Neither am I :) This is one of those “suck it up and do it” times. You can absolutely grab your iPhone and snap a quick selfie (note- I HATE that word), or better yet—invest in some professional business profile photos. Trust me—once you have them, you’ll find a million and one reasons and places to use them. They are worth their weight in GOLD, I tell you :)

Quick tip- your Pinterest profile picture should be the same as your Instagram and Etsy profile pictures as well—it’s important to maintain brand consistency, my friend!

***BONUS TIP*** Take it one step further and add some on-brand personality to your photo! If you’ve got a certain vibe or product you’re known for, by all means, show it in the photo! Here are some examples of brands doing just that!*


Step 2: Your name

Now this seems easy—you probably just think you need to type your brand name, (ie- “Little Highbury,”) and be done with it—but not so; This area is optimized for SEO, and I want you to make sure you’re taking advantage of that itty-bitty bit of SEO real estate—so include your biz name first, and then some keywords.

Your Pinterest name is searchable, so having a keyword or two in it? A FANTASTIC way to capture people's attention.

Quick tip- if you’ve got a focus keyword for your Etsy shop that you’re trying to rank for, make sure that you are using it here!

So for the example above for Morgan Nield, you can see here I’ve got: Morgan Nield // Entrepreneur + Etsy Strategist

So again, I've got my business name (Morgan Nield) and then some keywords that I want to rank for (Entrepreneur + Etsy Strategist).


Step 3: Your website

This is a no-brainer, but let’s touch base on it because there are some different options here :)

As a default, you’ll probably put your Etsy shop URL here. And that’s okay—good, even! In fact, most of the time I would recommend that, especially if that’s where the bulk of your online presence is.


If you have a separate website/blog that you’re hoping to build traffic to, I want you to put it here. Meaning, if you’re on Etsy now, but you’re trying to build up your own Shopify/Squarespace/etc. store online, DON’T put your Etsy shop here—put your actual website :)

Quick tip – Link directly to your shop home page and not a specific product page. The only exception to this is if you’ve got a REALLY strong flagship product that you are known for almost exclusively—then you can link to that shop section. But as a general rule, linking to your shop home page = best option.


Step 4: Your Bio

Your bio. Oooooooh, your bio ;)

This is where it gets tricky because there is #somuchtosay, but only a small space to say it.

Basically? You’re going to want to condense your 30-second elevator pitch into about 5-10 seconds.

For this section, we're going to break it down into 2 parts:

  1. The intro

  2. The conversion

1-    The intro

In the intro, I want you to use the first sentence to describe who you help. Don’t give your back story. Don’t link to your shop. Don’t just list what you sell. DESCRIBE WHO YOU HELP.

Bad example:

“My name is Morgan Nield and I sell baby headbands, baby hats, and swaddle blankets in my Etsy shop.”

Good example

“We help stressed new mommas incorporate beautiful design into their hectic schedules with whimsical baby accessories and products.

You want your target market to read that sentence and feel like you're speaking DIRECTLY TO THEM. This is not a time to sound formal and corporate-- infuse your brand's personality into your copy and show them that YOU are the brand they have been looking for!

2-    The conversion

With traffic that lands on your Pinterest home page, we want to make sure you’re taking advantage of it—and it’s not lost traffic!

To do that, I want you to provide an opt-in incentive (or freebie) as a way for people to join your email list.

Then you'll be able tostart the “warming up” email marketing process—converting that casual browser into paying customer with a series of welcoming emails and pitch-free newsletters.

Quick tip - While it’s nice to have people click over to your Etsy shop from your Pinterest profile, it’s not likely in every case (as people aren’t always in the mood to browse a shop), however, if you provide a freebie incentive in your bio with a URL, you’re going to stand a MUCH higher chance of them clicking on it because there’s something in it for them; you’re not just asking them to buy your product—you’re giving them something designed to help them

You'll want to make sure your freebie helps your target market and NOT your competitor. For example, if you sell crochet wall art, creating a wall art pattern is NOT a good idea for a freebie—as you will attract people to your email list that already know how to crochet—and are therefore unlikely to purchase a crocheted item from you.

See what I mean?

Step 5: Your boards

Perhaps the most important factor of the equation ;) Your boards need to be focused on what your target market NEEDS and WANTS and is interested in.

If you’re like, “I have no idea what they want or need!”, then it’s time to take a step back and really hone in on and understand your target market. So stop, figure that out, and then come back to this article—I promise I’ll wait :)

Once you know exactly who you’re targeting, figuring out your Pinterest boards should be a piece of cake. Remember: you want all of them to resonate with and apply to your target market.

Here’s a quick breakdown on board creation that I recommend for product sellers (especially Etsy sellers):

  • (1) Sole product board

    • This board should be 100% dedicated to content pinned from your Etsy shop, your blog, or any other brand-specific content.

  • (5-10) product boards featuring your product + other products under the same category

    • This board should be a combination of your own product pins + others’ pins from Pinterest or the web. Follow the 80-20 rule for pinning- 80% of your pins should be other peoples’, 20% should be your own pins.

  • (5-6) customer interest boards

    • These boards are dedicated to catering to your customers’ interest and problems. These boards don’t generally contain pins from your Etsy shop, but they definitely *should* contain helpful content from your blog. However, the grand majority of content on these boards will be from other people and should be helpful to your audience.

  • (5+) group boards

    • You’ll want to make sure to add group boards to your Pinterest profile so you can be sure to get tons of eyes on your pins, even if you’ve got a grand total of 3 followers ;) I recommend using a tool like PinGroupie to find group boards relevant to your niche. Make sure these boards have high engagement, high repins, and are niche-specific (ie- “Etsy sellers only” group boards are horrible to join because they have no focus. You’d be much better pinning your jewelry on a “Women's summer fashion” group board instead)

Congratulations-- you've now got a fully-optimized Pinterest profile and are ready to start taking advantage of all the targeted traffic that will be heading your way!

How to start driving traffic with an optimized Pinterest account

So now the only question that remains: How will you actually *get* that targeted traffic? Because if you're just starting out, those 13 people you have following you probably aren't going to help you go viral quite yet....

Instead, you'll want to work on mastering the Smart Feed, which is something we go into MAJOR detail about inside Mastermind Your Marketing. But here are a few general guidelines to get you started:

  • Pin 50-100 pins per day

  • Be consistent in your pinning-- you need to be pinning every. single. day.

  • Make sure your pins have good, strong links; delete any broken linked pins

  • Keep your pins and repins on-brand

  • Include alt text and optimize each of your pins for SEO

There are quite a few additional factors that go into ranking you within the Smart Feed, and if you want to know *exactly* how to optimize your pins to show up higher and higher on Pinterest, you'll want to join the wait list for Mastermind Your Marketing (enrollment opens back up September 2017), which will walk you through step-by-step the process you need to follow to get your pins actually SEEN.

Any Pinterest tips you've found work well for your Etsy shop? Share them in the comments below! #communitybeforecompetition

xoxo, Morgan

How to Automate Your Etsy Marketing (AKA Make Sales on Autopilot)

How to Automate Your Etsy Marketing (AKA Make Sales on Autopilot)

That time that I almost quit my Etsy shop...

Can I get real with you for a second?

Just over 2 years ago I was on the brink of burnout with LittleHighbury. For real. I was on track to double my first year's income, and I was seriously burning the midnight oil at both ends. I was irritable towards my family, irritable towards my customers (I had to have my husband respond to more than one Etsy conversation for me...), and more especially-- irritated that I had to work so freakin' hard to promote my Etsy shop.

How to actually make Etsy sales with Pinterest

How to actually make Etsy sales with Pinterest

Pinterest is an INSANELY effective marketing tool for Etsy sellers-- there’s no doubting that. You know it and you’ve heard it a gazillion times.

But do you actually believe it?

Using Pinterest to sell product is a mystery to A LOT of Etsy sellers-- they KNOW they’re supposed to be using Pinterest to sell their product, but they are at a loss as to how (raise your hand if this is you-- it’s totally been me, too!)