Introducing: The Etsy (+ Beyond!) Ultimate Business Bundle Giveaway!!!

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It’s no secret: I loooooooooove giving away stuff for free-- free workshops, free blog posts, free communities...

Yep, I’m all about the free stuff :)

But today I’m SUPER excited to be taking the whole freebie “giveaway” concept to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

And I’m doing it by partnering with some of the TOP experts in the e-commerce industry to help you fast-track your Etsy shop’s success.


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This giveaway (valued at nearly $3,000!!!) has literally EVERYTHING you need to fast-track your online shop’s success-- courses on graphic design, photography, marketing, the whole shebang.

Excited yet? You should be! Here’s what you could win:

  • (1) free enrollment in Mastermind Your Marketing by Morgan Nield ($597 value)

  • (1) free enrollment in The InDesign Field Guide by Paper & Oats ($499)

  • (1) free enrollment in Launch Your Shop by Gemma Bonham-Carter ($497)

  • (1) free enrollment in Create. Launch. & Flourish by Rebecca Marie ($399)

  • (1) free enrollment in Photoshop 101 by Sarah Design ($97)

  • (1) Foto Rx Product Photography Editing Actions by Foto Rx ($100)

  • (1) Etsy Seller Spreadsheet + 2019 Goal-Getting Guidebook by Paper + Spark ($64)

***This giveaway runs from 2/11 - 2/15 at 10 pm MST. ***


Now let’s learn a little bit more about the prizes ;)

Prize No. 1: Mastermind Your Marketing by Morgan Nield

What it is:

Mastermind Your Marketing is my step by step program that teaches you how to implement a profitable marketing system to bring consistent, daily sales to your Etsy shop on autopilot.

Instead of trying to piece together hundreds of outdated marketing “tips” and “tricks” from the Internet, Mastermind Your Marketing will walk you through (start-to-finish) how to create an entire done-for-you marketing strategy following my signature four-part method for consistent sales  (optimize, attract, convert, scale).

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Prize No. 2 : Launch Your Shop by Gemma Bonham-Carter

What it is:

Launch Your Shop is THE program for any online business owner wanting to design, launch, and market an online shop to create an additional stream of revenue for their brand.

The program includes a comprehensive online course, live coaching, workbook, graphic design training and more. Literally EVERYTHING you need to go from zero to profitable, scalable online shop. 

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Prize No. 3: Create. Launch. & Flourish by Bex Marie

What it is:

Create. Launch. & Flourish is an 8-week DIY Website roadmap for handmade business owners who want to craft a thriving online shop from scratch.

In this program, you’ll be given the exact tools and training you need (+ an online community to boot!) to go from zero to fully-functioning website— in just 8 weeks (yes, even if you’re a complete newbie!).


Prize No. 4: The InDesign Field Guide by Kelsey of Paper & Oats

What it is:

Instead of investing years of schooling (and major $$$) in learning how to be a graphic designer, you can fast-track your success with The InDesign Field Guide.

Inside this comprehensive program, Kelsey will teach you how to use Adobe InDesign like a pro to design almost anything you could need for your creative business — like lead magnets, social graphics, blog graphics, workbooks, ebooks, print books, stationery, course materials, promo graphics, and more!

You’ll never have to hire out your design work again!


Prize No 5: Photoshop Mockups 101 Challenge by Sarah Guilliot

What it is:

The Photoshop Mockups 101 Challenge is designed for Photoshop newbies to dive into the program and become comfortable with creating digital mockups to showcase your products.

Inside this challenge, you’ll get access to free stock photography starter files, in-depth training videos, and a complete Photoshop tool breakdown so you know EXACTLY what you’re doing inside the program from day 1— and ditch that Photoshop intimidation factor once and for all ;)


Prize No. 6: Product Photography Editing Actions by Foto Rx

What it is:

Instead of spending hours constantly tweaking and adjusting your photos in Photoshop, The Foto Rx Product Photography Editing Actions package allows you to quickly troubleshoot + edit your photos in as little as one click.

Inside this action bundle, you’ll receive over 40 premium Photoshop actions (hello one-click editing!), Etsy and social media templates, and a PDF guide with descriptions and samples of all the actions included (so you know exactly what one to use each time).

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Prize No. 7: The Etsy Seller Spreadsheet + The 2019 Goal-Getting Guidebook for Makers by Janet of Paper + Spark

What it is:

The Etsy Seller Spreadsheet is a spreadsheet template created specifically for Etsy shop owners to automate and simplify their monthly bookkeeping process (no more last-minute tax-time hustle!). This tool compiles your business’ revenue and expenses each month to calculate your net profit with separate tabs to help you categorize expenses, along with monthly tabs for importing your Etsy transactional data directly from Etsy.

The 2019 Goal-Getting Guidebook will walk you through setting goals specific to the handmade biz industry with an emphasis in concepts like product development, seasonal trends, profit margin by product, and more.

You’ll end up with a complete action plan for the year ahead, all designed around the main goal of being able to pay yourself your goal amount.


Can you imagine how awesome and life-changing it would be to win this entire bundle?!!

So let’s make it happen ;)

How to win:

  1. Enter the giveaway RIGHT NOW

  2. Get your Lucky URL link when you do

  3. Share your Lucky URL like a CRAZY person (because everytime you share, you just keep racking up the entries!)

  4. Post your Lucky URL link in business Facebook groups, Instagram comments, Pinterest, basically anywhere you can think of :) The more people that see it and enter through YOUR link, the more entries you get and the better your chances of winning!

Winning this giveaway could change EVERYTHING for you-- so what are you waiting for??


***This giveaway runs from 2/11 - 2/15 at 10 pm MST. ***