I want you to take a moment and imagine a life where you could:


Stop worrying about making sales. You'll know exactly when your next sale will come in and learn how to maintain sales during the slower seasons.

Have a laser-focused promotional strategy that WORKS. Your Know EXACTLY where to promote, when to promote, and how to promote your product line-- and every time you do, the sales come flooding in like crazy!

Grow a customer fan-base that is completely OBSESSED you. We're talking set-your-alarms, ready to shop your sales the moment your product drops customers.

Have extra hours in your day to create. Or collaborate. Or connect with your fans. Or spend with family. Whatever you choose, you'll finally have the time to do so!

Feel ridiculously confident in your strategy. No more second-guessing yourself and your every decision—you’ll know exactly what to do to bring in more traffic + sales.

Turn your Etsy shop into a full-blown career. Your Etsy income won't be spare change anymore-- you'll be earning enough to quit that 9-5 and spend time doing what you love.


Sound like a dream? Then let's work together to make it happen!