$1K in 60 Days

If you are serious about building a rock-solid foundation for your Etsy shop (you know-- the kind that makes you money while you sleep), then my upcoming course, $1K in 60 Days, is tailor-made for you!

I know just how overwhelming it can be to try and get your Etsy shop running with consistent sales (I've been there, too!)-- you're working frantically to create new product, fill the few orders you do get, and somehow figure out how the heck to promote your Etsy shop (and let's face it-- you DON'T have the time + desire to research a million ways that aren't going to work.)

I know you have your doubts that it's possible to be successful on Etsy-- I totally did too! I have heard for years how over-saturated Etsy is and how you have to be "lucky" or know about some "mystical, magical secret" to get consistent sales day to day.

UM, NO. Let's stop that kind of thinking right now.

Here's the thing: If I can take a business from $0 to $100K in 1 year, YOU CAN TOO. Yes, YOU.

There's no secret, no mystical, magical formula. It's all learning what strategic, actionable advice works from someone who's been there (that's me!). You don't have to try a million different methods until one "sticks"-- let me show you which methods will so you can get started marketing the right way.

In my upcoming course, $1K in 60 Days, I’m taking you behind-the-scenes on EXACTLY how I promote + market my Etsy business strategically (we're talking no more "throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks" efforts) to bring in five-figures EVERY month.

Five-figures of consistent, sustainable income that will help you get real results and real $$$ so you can quit your day job with NO second thoughts.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 1.37.52 PM.png

See that growth above? Yeah, that's my real-life Etsy shop growth back from year one-- just from year one!!! Nothing "super lucky" happened-- I just worked smarter + strategically in my day-to-day hustle-- and I'm so excited to teach you how to, too!

What you can expect from this course:

  • An actionable, fill-in-the-blank workbook that will bring you CLARITY + STRATEGY specific for YOUR shop.
  • The EXACT methods (blitz strategy + passive) I used to grow my Etsy shop from $0 to $100K+ in the first year. (and over 18,000 sales + $400K to date!).
  • Step-by-step Etsy SEO guide so Etsy will work for you + make you money in your sleep (seriously—best feeling ever!).
  • A step-by-step walkthrough (we’re talking some serious hand-holding) for optimizing your Pinterest + Instagram so you’re being seen by more and more people every day.
  • My absolute FAVORITE promotion hack ("secret sauce" if you will!) that will get your product in front of THOUSANDS of new customers (for FREE! It's AH-MAZING).

So if you're an Etsy shop owner (or hoping to be one soon!) that is frustrated with your audience size, your growth rate, and most of all, your revenue, $1K in 60 Days is your new BFF (you know-- the one that calls it like it is and doesn't waste your time with "fluff" strategy)