The 5 Best Marketing Platforms for your Etsy Shop

Driving traffic to your Etsy shop is one of the hardest parts of running a successful small business. Today I'm diving into the top 5 platforms you should be utilizing consistently to drive MAJOR traffic to your Etsy shop and start earning consistent sales... >>

Whether you’ve been on Etsy for 5 years or 5 weeks, you’re probably driving a little traffic right now to your Etsy shop—maybe from Etsy SEO, maybe from Instagram… wherever you’re driving that traffic from, congratulations! You’ve found something that works for you—and you should absolutely keep driving that traffic.

Don’t ever quit something that is working for you!

But let me spin a scenario for you: Let’s say that your marketing strategy is Instagram. Photos, quick captions, interacting with other people? It’s totally your jam and you’ve made it work! You’ve worked and followed and liked for months and have a huge audience that is crazy about your product. Things are going amazing and you can almost taste what it will be like to quit your day job.

And then Facebook buys up Instagram. And announces new changes. And suddenly it’s becoming more “pay to play,” and you’re being seen by less and less people until only 3-5% of your audience are seeing you.

If you’ve focused all of your attention on Instagram, your business is going to be crushed and you’re going to be scrambling like crazy to adjust and tweak.

But if you’ve been driving traffic from multiple sources (I recommend a minimum of 5), then Instagram is going to be just a slice of your marketing pie…and yes, you’ll notice a little adjustment in your numbers, but nothing to crush you or send you into a full-blown panic attack—because you’ll still have 4 additional channels that are driving traffic for you while you're scrambling to fix the broken one.

Driving traffic from multiple channels is absolutely CRITICAL to your long-term Etsy success.

But I can sense you shaking your head—you don’t have time for marketing on multiple platforms—you’re already stressed to the max trying to make your product—how are you supposed to find the time to promote your Etsy shop across a whole slew of channels?

Spoiler alert: It's not as bad as you think :)

How to get the word out to MORE people in LESS time

A well-oiled marketing plan works cohesively across all platforms—it doesn’t mean that you need to be balancing 5 different entities running in different directions (the image of spinning plates comes to mind…)--it’s allows you to work smart and make the most of the content you DO create so you can reach as many people as possible (<-- and I guarantee you that this will be tens of thousands more than you are reaching with your marketing strategy right now).

Just think about it: You put up a blog post and not only do you have new content on your website, but it’s given you a whole library of content that you can use to fill up your social media (and never having to wonder “what should I post today?” best. feeling. ever)!

And what about collaborating with bloggers and influencers? Well, you’ve now just built up your back links, which, in turn, will improve your SEO rankings on Google. Oh, and you gained a whole new audience along the way. #nbd

Basically, each time you put in a little effort in one marketing channel, you’re instantly improving your marketing efforts in each of the other channels as well. It’s one giant snowball effect and it is awesome.

So what channels should you be focusing your energy on? There are literally hundreds of choices out there-- but what ones are best for Etsy sellers?

5 Marketing Channels to Consider for your Etsy shop

I recommend marketing your Etsy shop across 5 different channels for a variety of reasons (most of which we talked about a few paragraphs up), but the most important thing is this:

Marketing your Etsy shop on multiple channels puts YOU in control of your success.

You won't be relying on any one platform to send you sales-- you'll have a much more balanced approach to marketing your shop-- and you'll be driving A LOT more traffic than you currently are. More traffic = more $$$. 

So without further ado, here are the 5 platforms that you should be marketing your Etsy shop:

  1. Etsy/Google SEO

  2. Pinterest

  3. Instagram

  4. Blogging + Email Marketing

  5. Influencer Collaborations

Forget Twitter, forget Facebook, forget Periscope (you’re welcome. It's filled with trolls at this point, anyways).  You can focus on just the 5 strategies I listed above and you will be hearing *cha-chings* in your sleep. These are the platforms that I recommend to my private coaching clients, and the ones I've used to build my business from 0 - 21,000 sales in less than 3 years.

So why are these platforms ideal for Etsy sellers? Let's take a look, shall we?!

1 | SEO

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways ;) Any ridiculously successful shop on Etsy has their SEO (search engine optimization) ducks in a row. Whether you like it or not (and I’m betting on the latter), SEO is a CRITICAL component to your success on Etsy because it drives traffic to your shop all the time which frees you up to focus on additional marketing strategies (this is the “set it and forget it” marketing strategy that you’ve been looking for).

Why should I care?
SEO is the epitome of a “set it and forget it” marketing strategy. Fix your SEO up once, and then you don’t have to think about it for another 4-6 months. It’s extremely passive, profitable, and will bring you sales on autopilot every. single. day.

No. You’ll still need to check on your SEO every 4-6 months to make sure that things are going well, but that’s all the maintenance you need—so there’s no need for automation :)

Time Commitment?
How does twice a year sound? Get your SEO set up and then just pop in and check up on it every 4-6 months and adjust as needed (how’s that for passive?!)

2 | Pinterest

Pinterest is the most UNDERUSED (yet ridiculously perfect) platform to be promoting your Etsy shop. If you’ve toyed around with an account for a while but haven’t really seen an increase in sales, it’s simply because you haven’t been using it right.

Pinterest has the potential to exponentially grow your sales faster than any other platform out there, and it’s also really easy to maintain—just schedule your pins in 30 minutes/week and you’re good to go :)

Why should I care?
It’s been proven by marketing professionals again and again, people who are browsing stuff on Pinterest are already ready to buy. Basically, by posting your product on Pinterest (in a strategic way), you’re getting it in front of an audience that is already primed to buy (ß this is a HUGE deal).

Yes, yes, and yes! You can use an automation tool like Boardbooster or Tailwind to set things up to run on autopilot with very minimal upkeep.

Time commitment?
30 minutes/week (seriously)

3| Instagram

Instagram and Etsy are like two peas in a pod-- both are largely image-based, and both allow you to showcase your products from multiple angles-- which is essential to closing a sale online, since your customers don't have the opportunity to see your product in person.

Why should I care?
Instagram is all about building trust with your audience. While you won't make crazy-awesome sales with every single post, Instagram does serve as a way to get in front of your customer’s faces. Again. And again. And again.

In fact, you'll be in front of their face so many times that you become their “go-to” for whenever they need an item like the ones you’re selling.

Kind of. It’s against Instagram’s TOU to use a tool that posts automatically for you, but you can schedule out your content and then receive alerts when it’s time to manually post it.

Time Commitment?
4 hours/month

4 | Content Marketing

(Also known as blogging, but that term tends to scare off Etsy sellers ;)

Content marketing is simply the idea that you publish content on a weekly basis that gives value to your fans and customers— it also marks you down as the “go-to person” in your niche, which instantly builds up trust and sales.

With any marketing strategy, you don’t want to constantly be asking for sales (and you definitely shouldn’t!), and content marketing is the perfect way to provide your customers with real-deal value consistently, so that when you do ask for the sale, they will be setting their alarms to hand you #allthemoney.

Why should I care?
Blogging is an amazingly underutilized tool for Etsy sellers because it makes just about every aspect of your marketing easier. No joke.

While creating blog posts with graphics and copy sounds like a lot of work up front, once you’ve created a post, not only does it work for you for years to come (I have a blog post I wrote back in November that still drives almost 200 visitors/day to my site), but it gives you material to use for Pinterest. And Instagram. And for collaborations. It’s the epitome of recycling content and allows you to build on top of your outreach every time you publish a post.

So yeah, you do the work once, and get to use it multiple times. That's like hitting 10 birds (at least) with one stone!

Yes. Once you write the posts (and I recommend doing them in a batch day if you can), you can use your website platform to schedule them out so that appear once a week (or more. Or less) at a designated time.

Time Commitment?
6-8 hours/month

5 | Collaborations

Collaborations are often the scariest things for Etsy sellers because we tend to believe that we need to do out Etsy shop gig alone…in a vacuum…where we’re safe.

Playing it safe doesn’t make sales.

But I get it—I know it’s scary to reach out to people. I know it’s intimidating to reach out to that super-successful influencer about partnering up. I know just how disheartening it is to get that “No” back as a reply.

But I honestly believe one of the worst things you can do for your Etsy shop is to try and grow it inside a bubble—to be a solopreneur who does EVERYTHING solo.

Why should I care?
When you’re just starting out, it’s freakin’ hard to drive that initial traffic (and even harder to turn that traffic into sales!). So to be able to drive thousands of primed customers in your target market to your Etsy shop? Yeah, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

No. You can’t really automate personal, human networking, but you can have email scripts and contracts ready to go so that the process of collaboration is quick and painless.

Time commitment?
3 hours/month

So leave a comment below-- are you utilizing any of these Etsy marketing strategies? What ones are working best for your shop? I'd love to know! xoxo, Morgan