The Best Kept Secret of Increasing Sales on Etsy

Ready to get your Etsy sales back on track? Just because sales have slowed down (or haven't started at all!), it doesn't mean that you have to take it lying down! Learn the #1 BEST thing you can do to your Etsy shop to give your store an instant sales boost + get back into a consistent sales groove. Click through to read more >>

If you’ve been selling online for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that there are ebbs and flows of e-commerce. Now, I'm not talking about seasonal fluctuations-- we all know about those! Just the general day to day highs and lows of running a small business (and yes, it even happens to those of us with thousands of sales).

If you’re anything like me, you probably get a little discouraged when you’ve had a couple of good sales days and then suddenly things just seem to come to a halt for a few days and you are left confused, frustrated, and feeling worthless. Nothing you've done has changed, so why do sales sometimes just slow to a halt?!

Like I said, that’s pretty standard for online business--and it's something that EVERYONE deals with. Occasionally, it’s because Etsy has changed their search algorithm (*insert collective groan here*), but that’s an entirely different topic for another day ;)

But! Just because you might be in the "ebb" phase (meaning: slow sales), you don't have to resort to twiddling your thumbs to pass the time! You absolutely can (and should!) change things up when things start to slow in your shop-- it's the fastest and most effective way to get your shop back in the groove and making those sales!

Not sure where to even start?


(there, the cat’s out of the bag! Sorry if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear!)

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If you do nothing else, adding new items is the #1 most ridiculously effective way to increase views and sales in your shop. Every. Single. Time.

However, if the thought of creating new items to put in your shop makes you break out in hives (hey, no shame in that!), then keep reading because I PROMISE it doesn't have to be as time-consuming as you think :)

Why it’s important to add new items.

Etsy loves shops that add new items. Whenever a new listing is created in a shop, Etsy has this “Ooooh, shiny!” mentality and gives your shop and that particular item a boost.

That boost isn’t permanent—but you can extend its effectiveness by adding items that you know there is a market for (ie- you have customers that love buying similar items from your shop), and that convert into sales—you ultimately need to make those consistent sales with that item for it to maintain it’s boosted ranking.

{It’s important to note here that your item won’t necessarily be ranked by the Etsy search bots immediately because it can take a couple of weeks for this to happen [Etsy has stated that it takes around 3-4 weeks for established sellers, 4-6 weeks for newer sellers with very few sales]. In the age of instant gratification, that can be a little frustrating to hear. But I just want you to be aware--you might not see an instant boost from the get go, but you will see a boost once the item gets picked up by the search bots.)

Having more items in your shop also means that you're increasing your chances of someone stumbling into your store with each and every item. Think about it: If you have 10 baby headbands in your shop, and someone has 100, even if everything else is exactly the same, which shop do you think is going to get more traffic?

The one with 100 headbands. It's kind of one of those "no-duh" moments.

I recommend having NO LESS THAN 50 items in your Etsy shop at any given time. More than that? Even better. But if you're looking to create daily sales consistency, 50 items should be the MINIMUM amount.


"But I don’t have time to create new items!"

I hear ya! Never fear--- there are more ways than one to add new product to your shop—and they definitely don’t all involve hours of research and development!


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  1. Add to your existing product. Is there a color combination or custom size request that you get a lot of requests for? Maybe it’s time to think about adding it to the shop! I’ve always found that my customers are some of my BEST idea generators, and if I’ve already created an item with certain customization for previous customers, it’s not that hard to add it to my shop! Don’t ever feel like you need to create something new from scratch—take a look at what’s working for you and then expand upon that!
  2. Bundle your products. This is one of those “up-sell” hacks that works really, really well. Accept that shoppers are really lazy people (I know I am when I shop online!) and market your shop accordingly. Yes, you may offer 3 kitchen-themed art prints within your shop, but what are the chances that a shopper is going to search throughout your entire store to find matches to the one he/she already has in their cart? Not good.

Optimize the shopping experience for your customer and create listings that are pre-bundled—meaning you still have the single art prints for sale, but you also have a listing that includes all 3 bundled together. Bundles usually include some sort of small discount (for example, I discount $2 for a bundle of 3 headbands and then even additional discounts for larger quantities), but they don’t have to. The main idea here is that by bundling your products together, you’re not only offering a purchasing option a customer might not have even considered, you’re also adding listings to your shop, and thus increasing your chances of being found.

So by now hopefully you’ve brainstormed some ideas on new products to add (or re-purposing old ones!), so it’s time to make the sales! Like I mentioned above, SEO takes a few weeks to kick into place, so you’re going to need a plan NOW if you want to see any immediate results from your labors.

"But I can't wait a few weeks. I want more sales TODAY!"

Don't we all?!

Your best bet to start seeing results TODAY is to get in the faces of people who have already seen your product and loved it—your fan base! While you can’t target them directly on Etsy (boo.), here are some ideas on how to quickly get the word out about your product:

  1. Center your weekly social media around your product launch. Schedule a few posts on social media about your product drops (multiple ones on the first two days of the launch, then spaced out here and there for the next week), and be sure to send out an email to your list (and if you don’t have one of those, get one set up! I use ConvertKit and love it.) announcing the product drop. The key here is REPETITION. Don't just mention it once and cross your fingers-- you'll be sorely disappointed. A few posts and emails about a product drop guarantees they'll have heard the news more than once and be thinking about it.
  2. If you’re feeling really ambitious, offer a sale to celebrate your new product drop. Many, many, MANY businesses do this with new product drops (myself included!) and it works wonderfully because it’s kind of like an extra incentive to pop into a shop and see what’s there—even if you had no intention of buying in the first place. Sometimes a deal is just too good to pass up :)
  3. A contest is also a fantastic way to get your new products in front of more people in record-fast time. If you host the contest through Instagram (my preference) or Facebook, make sure that they have to tag at least one friend in order to enter—don’t just let them “like” the photo and call it good—you won’t be doing your shop any favors that way. Your goal with a contest is to get your product seen by as many people as possible, so make it part of the entry requirement!

Putting your product in front of your audience is also a great way to encourage favorites and views to your shop, which will ultimately help boost your items in search results. So getting those views in early? You're helping to expedite things along :)


"How often should I list new items?"


Note that this is not “constantly.” You will burn out if you are constantly adding new product. Running an Etsy shop is HARD WORK, and adding new product constantly? It’ll end up sending you to an early grave! It’s a worthy goal, for sure, but it’s not nearly as important as adding product on a consistent basis.

There is a reason that major fashion companies come out with multiple lines each year (winter, spring, summer, fall) — it keeps their customers coming back to check up on new offerings, and thus, keeps the company fresh in their customer’s mind.

I find it is SUPER helpful to create a calendar with “due dates” for product drops— or else they will almost always be pushed back/forgotten. And while I'd love to recommend a snazzy program for this, I am absolutely 100% a post-it note type of girl :) I try and keep it flexible about which product I drop on that particular date, but always make sure that I at least add something.

This doesn’t have to be a completely new line of product— it can be as simple as a color update on a graphic design print (offering more choices!) or bundling some pre-existing product together and create a specific purchase listing for that (which is an awesome way of upselling a customer!)-- both tips that are mentioned more in detail above!

Creating product drops throughout the year that feature a new line or collection is also an awesome way for creating buzz around your shop. People are sooooo much more likely to share your shop with their friends if you’ve added 10 ridiculously amazing items as opposed to just one.

So adding new products in batches? Yeah, I highly, highly recommend it.

"Can't I just renew a pre-existing listing instead and get the same results--more sales?"

If you’re not up for creating new product or bundling old ones, there’s the age-old Etsy question of “Does renewing help make more sales?”

Yes and no. Renewing an item (whether automatically through Etsy or by hand) will bring you greater visibility in search because Etsy treats it like a shiny new item (that’s already worked its way through the Etsy search bots!), so it’s given priority visibility and can sometime bump a listing up by a page or two (which can be a huuuuuuuuge help!).

And on the surface, greater visibility = more views = more sales.

Sometimes (there's always a catch, huh?).

If you’re getting a ton of views (like a couple hundred) but no sales, then something is off with your product listing—not your SEO. A lot of views generally means your SEO is just fine, so it’s time to take a look at your actual listing—the photos and copy.

If your photos and copy aren’t great, then your products won’t sell. Period. No matter how awesome-sauce your SEO is, no matter how many views your getting, your photography and copy are what ultimately sell the product, so they need to be SPOT ON.

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So there you have it-- your new "secret weapon" for increasing sales on Etsy. Whenever things get slow for an extended period of time, it's the e-commerce way of saying it's time to add some new product-- so stop waiting and start creating-- your shop will thank you for it!

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